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Make all your activities count

Choose to collect all your training in one place and bring it with you where ever you go. With myactive your coach, your favorite routine or your work out video collection is no further away than your smartphone. Create stories to sort your activities, share share with friends, inspire and get inspired!

Connect with friends – Get feedback from your PT – Stay motivated & reach results




Create your own routines

Managing your personal training is easy. Create new routines on the fly using our exercise library. Or perhaps your friend already made a routine you like? No problem, if they share it you can add it to your collection.

Growing exercise library: Our database features a rapidly growing library of your favorite exercises. From basic to advanced, beginner to expert.


Tell your story. Inspire and get inspired by others

Stories brings people together. They provide meaning, inspiration and motivation. With myactive stories your fitness app is no longer limited to numbers and statistics. Share photos, videos and write down your thoughts.

Image: Profile pages features the rich graphic interface we have come to expect from social applications. Soon this profile will also be accessible in web browsers as your personal fitness blogg.




Learn from the best

If your not sure where to start myactive brings you lots of ready made programs & routines. Simply put, myactive brings the knowledge of personal trainers to your phone. And if you want a face to face coaching you might just find your facility offers in-app bookings.

Image: Our first partner facility Friskis & Svettis Skellefteå will have all of their machines, and also the most popular exercises available for their members. Beautiful images and video will feature their own trainers showing how to perform the exercises.

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Myactive has now begun trails with our test pilots. Soon it will be available on Google Play and App Store as well. To maintain a stable service we will use invites at first. As of today we accept registrations and you can reserve your username. This will also act as an invite request and we will contact you as soon as we have an invite ready for you.


2014-01-27 We have ended our public beta testing period and aim to release version 1.0 of my active for both iPhone and Android within the next two months. Until then the beta will no longer be available for download.

2013-12-01 Today we released the first public Beta of myactive on Google Play! Registrations for a free account will be open from today and creating a user also gives us a way to send you an invite as soon as possible.